Only in Munich by Duncan J.D. Smith

155 Ramersdorf – Perlach Beer at the Forschungs- brauerei is served in Kefer­ loher ceramic tankards, made in Keferloh inGrasbrunn, Up- per Bavaria; they are designed specifically to keep the beer cool and to allow it to retain its freshness (the inclusion of salt in the firing process en- ables carbonic acid to remain longer in the beer). The beer can be enjoyed either in the cosy Bräustüberl (in which the very first beers were sam- pled), or the leafy beer gar- den in the lee of the brewing tower, which contains several large copper brewing vats. The traditional planting of broadleaved Chestnut trees in beer gardens is said to keep not only the customers cool but also the beer cellar below. Food is available at the Forschungsbrauerei too, its kitchen offering a fine selec- tion of traditional Bavar- ian specialities. These include Surhaxn (marinated pork knuckle with Weinkraut (baked Sauerkraut with added wine)), Münch- ner Tellerfleisch mit Meerrettich (braised beef with horseradish), and whole chicken grilled freshly to order. There are also a wide variety of snacks (Brotzeiten) on offer, including Obatzter (a spicy Bavarian cream cheese served with pretzels (Brezeln) and radishes), Presssack (jellied meat), Leberkäse (steamed, finely-chopped pork), Bauernspeck (farm- house-style smoked ham), Leberwurst (spiced liver sausage), and Brath- ering (smoked herring). Cheers and Guten Appetit! The brewing tower at the Forschungsbrauerei bears the name of its most famous beer