Only in Prague by Duncan J.D. Smith

123 Prague 1 Instantly popular when launched a few years ago, the Corrupt Tour of Prague received a further boost after the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Nečas (2010–2013) resigned in June 2013. He was forced to do so by a scandal involving phone tapping, safe deposit boxes stuffed with banknotes, and an alleged affair with his glamorous chief of staff. A sting operation subsequently led to the arrest of eight high- ranking Czech officials. Locations associated with the scandal quickly appeared in the tour itineraries. Whilst not everyone is delighted at the success of The Corrupt Tour of Prague it should be said in Petr Sourek’s defence that he is always careful to consult his lawyers whenever considering a new location for his tours, and he restricts them to public areas to avoid trespassing. His golden rule is that people or institutions should be cited in corruption cases in at least two reputable newspapers before being featured in a tour. At the end of a Corrupt Tour of Prague participants can pick up some souvenirs. Corrupt Tour T-shirts might not be considered very special but how about an anti-wiretapping device, or a ‘Presidential Pardon’ cookie in honour of President Vaclav Klaus (2003–2013), who was exonerated of high treason? Other places of interest nearby: 61, 62, 64, 65 All aboard for the Corrupt Tour of Prague!